Monday, January 3, 2011

Daddy's Voice

Hubby has a very distinctive voice. It's very low and deep. It would be a great radio voice. It is also a voice that carries, which my hubby doesn't believe, but it does. In a past blog I wrote about how when I was in the final stages of pregnancy the baby would respond to hubby when he would talk to the belly. I would get a big kick from her or I could feel her move around.

When we were waiting in the hospital bed getting ready for the c section the doctors put a baby heart monitor on my belly. Juliette was at a nice steady 140 until hubby would start to talk to me, then the heart rate would jump to 170. It was crazy. We would have hubby be quite for awhile and the heart rate would go back down and then we had him speak and like that it was back to 170. It was pretty amazing.

Because of Juliette's strong reaction to hubby's voice he is no longer allowed to talk after 7:30pm. She hears him and she instantly wakes up. Even in a deep slumber his voice will awake her. I could have the TV on, me on the phone and Darwin barking but the moment hubby says something she is bright eyed again!

When he gets home from work and her and I are in the living room he will call up from downstairs and say hello. Juliette's eyes light up, she hears him, she hears her daddy. It melts my heart.

She's attached to him and him to her

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  1. Most adorable blog post ever. :) That's such a great story about Juliette responding to his voice even before she was born. That's amazing.