Friday, January 7, 2011

The Crying Game

So Juliette lives a very charmed life I have decided. The girl has hardly ever cried. In fact she cries so little, if ever, that she is not very good at it. You would think that all babies would be good at crying, not my baby. I could be shooting myself in the foot by saying this *knock on wood*

This afternoon I was changing her diaper and in the middle of the change she peed all over the couch. That was second time in a 24 hour period she has done that. You would think her parents would learn by now. Anyway, I had to strip her down naked cause she was a mess. This all happened in the time frame of Jules wanting to eat. I got a bottle ready for my naked peeing baby but it was a little to hot so we had to wait.

This is a video of said wait:

Notice how she sticks her tongue out and gives a little choke. I know it might be mean tapping her upset and me laughing, but if you catch it you can see her breaking her cry for a smile at me. She doesn't take the crying very seriously.

Don't worry I turned the camera off and feed the poor starving baby.

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