Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby on Board

It's funny how putting Jules in the car can completely change the way I drive. Of course it would, there is valuable cargo on board. But I seriously have become a brand new driver. Here are some examples:

- I don't take casual trips anywhere anymore. I have to REALLY want to go somewhere to go through the hassle of bringing Jules with me. No more fast trips to the grocery store.. we need milk.. to bad. We can live without for awhile.

-My car has become a moving nursery. I have diapers, bottles, extra clothes.. I looked at my front seat yesterday and noticed I had 2 pacifiers, one baby sock, baby hat and a "to go" formula wrapper on the front seat. In case we get stuck in a snow storm I can survive with her for about two weeks.

-I have become a better driver, everyone around me has become a terrible driver! Do people around me not know I have a baby in the back seat?!?! Don't cut me off mister, because if you get us into an accident you better hope you not only have car insurance but medical insurance, cause I will hurt you!

-Hubby can't drive! He drove Jules and I up to the mall yesterday and I literally almost had a heart attack sitting in the passenger seat. This could be a control issue, but he doesn't seem to think his driving needs to change now that we have a baby in the car.

-BONUS: With Jules in the car I can drive in the car pool lane! There really is no need for that because I go to slow with her in the car to need the car pool lane but it's nice to know it's there.

-Double mirror view: Trying to keep my eyes on the road while looking at the baby mirror to make sure Jules is safe. And by safe I mean.. is her head up right, is she sleeping... basically is she NOT crying. Who knew when you had a baby you could grow extra eyes and have eyes on the road and the back seat. Amazing.

Driving with Jules is an adventure, hell.. just getting her into the car is an adventure. But, it's something we have to do. I can't stay locked up with her in the house all because I will go crazy.

So watch out road, new mom on the road!

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  1. Hubby drives just fine. It MAY be a control issue. ;)

    - Hubby