Friday, January 1, 2010

What I learned in 2009

I have never been one to celebrate the new year. I don't have the best track record with the holiday. Example: showing up to a party not knowing it was a costume party, but no one noticed I wasn't in costume, I guess my skirt was just that eccentric. One year I went to a party and in front of complete strangers I fell down the porch stairs in the snow. I had a wet butt and was known through out the evening as the girl who fell down. Or the year I was stood up and spent the evening watching Sex and the City reruns at my parents house. So for the past 4 or 5 years I spent the new year at home, safe from falling and costume parties. Last night was no exception and it was wonderful.

With all the end of the year count downs. Year's most amazing news stories, top movies and songs. I can't help but reflect on what 2009 has meant to me. I keep wondering if 2009 is just the year plagued with infertility or are their other things that I will look back on? Here's what I came up with:

-2009 is the year I looked into the mirror and realized it will take more then just light concealer to hide the black circles that magically appeared under my eyes this year.

-2009 is the year the lady behind the make up desk asked what my anti-aging regiment was at night. I told her I didn't have one. She gave me a very cynical glare and asked if I was just waiting for the wrinkles to appear?

-2009 is the year I learned owning a dog in Seattle is about the same cost equivalent as having a child in my home town of Boise, Idaho.

-2009 is the year I learned that when your best friend has a baby you have extra space in your heart for their baby and and that their happiness is contagious.

-2009 is the year my husband and I got to have to ourselves.

-2009 is the year I learned my pain tolerance not only for physical pain but emotional pain is larger then I could of even imagined. I never gave myself credit for how strong I am until 2009.

But I think the most important thing I learned in 2009 is that life isn't always fair, you sometimes get the short end of the stick but if your lucky enough to have an amazing husband, beloved family and friends somehow you get by...

As for 2010, I hope for tears of joy and peace with whatever happens.

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  1. I love this post Melissa. You took the words right out of my mind. Especially the dark circles under the eyes. Just last week I finally realized "Oh so these are PERMANENT now". Blech.

    Did you get your med situation worked out?

    Happy new year!