Saturday, January 2, 2010

45 days and counting

Yes I know... freaking crazy! 45 days tell I put my infertile butt on a plane and try our hand at IVF!! I don't think this reality has set in just yet. Kind of like my parents moving to Florida this spring, it won't be real until I visit their new home in Florida. I don't think this amazing trip will feel real until I step onto the plane.

I have been working with my case worker, Kayleen at My IVF Alternative. She is very supportive and answers all my silly questions. What I really like about My IVF Alternative is how well organized and planned out everything has been. They are a well oiled machine. And the owner and the case workers have all been through IVF in the Czech Republic. Kayleen got twin girls out of her experience! They have been where I am and their stories and support mean so much to me.

Kayleen is in direct contact with my doctor in Brno. Two days ago they emailed me my protocol. Lots of information! Now on Monday I will either drive to Canada to get my meds or order them online. Need to do a little more research on which is the most affordable.

Now off to give my stinky dog Darwin his bath. =)

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