Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How many miles does it take to make a baby?

Well, it looks like its all becoming very official. We are booking our tickets tonight with Air France! We are able to use our miles and get two round-trip tickets! Yay!!
My husband and I were playing around on the laptop last night looking at all the wonderful places to visit while we are there. Unfortunately it will be in the dead of winter and all the castles and attractions will be closed until Spring but I think we will still be able to have a great time. Just need to pack very warm apparel. I am thinking huge coat, stocking cap, gloves and those little hand warmers we would use during my sisters early morning soccer games. My Mom is still on board with joining us half way through the trip. That way my husband can get back to work. I am hoping there are a couple days were her visit over laps with his that way if I am not feeling well enough to go out they will have each other. My husband said he would love to take my Mom on date in the Czech Republic!

It helps to have a date set. Gives it more validity in a way. It's really happening. Now I have to fill out a huge stack of medical records/questionnaires and send those off along with our deposit.

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