Monday, December 14, 2009

The headache of free medication!

So, the IVF company I am working with filled me in on a little known fertility miracle, FREE MEDICATION! Everyone knows that IVF is super expensive but it's not just the procedure that is expensive, the medication also costs an arm and leg. There is a company called Serono that makes fertility drugs. Instead of throwing away medication that is close to expiration they have a compassionate care program and qualifying couples can apply for them. Pretty amazing! Right now I am knee deep in trying to get my infertile hands on them. Just applying to this company is giving me enough anxiety and stress that I will now need their migraine drugs! Sure this whole thing wouldn't be so much work if I wasn't going overseas to have IVF done. I must have my local OB/GYN on board, basically writing a prescription for me w/o really being my fertility doctor and then he also has to accept the medication when it arrives. Jeeez!!! So right now I am waiting to see if my OB/GYN will be on board with this craziness ( I wrote him a very convincing and sobbed filled letter on Friday ) and also the compassionate care program is checking to make sure I don't have insurance that covers infertility. Fingers crossed both happen and then I can start the up hill battle of the application process. My IVF company suggested including an essay on how hard financially and emotionally infertility has been for me. In hopes that conveniences them to give me the medication. Maybe I should just link my blog to the application. =)

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  1. I am so grateful you posted about this. I have really been wondering how this free med program works. And yes, I can completely imagine what a headache this was for you. I started trying just to get blood work from my normal OB-gyn in hopes of insurance covering it - I might as well asked them to launch me to the moon. I think you should just send them a link to your blog. I am glad Serono has this program, it is cool, but it does seem really sick that sending a sob story helps our chances. They have to know by now how much this means to everyone. I would hate to be the person giving the denying us. Sad job.