Monday, February 7, 2011

Worth The Wait

This hat was given to us by a good friend. It seriously couldn't be more true. Juliette was worth the wait. She was worth the struggle, the tears, years of doctor visits, needles and a cross the world visit. She is just perfect to me. I hold her during her late night feeding, just her and I. Sitting in our glider, I watch her half awake feeding and I am always overwhelmed how something so small can have my whole heart.

I imagined that I would love her but I could of never imagined how deep that love really goes. How every little cough, little scratch can have your head spinning. How you wake up three, four times a night to check her breathing. How a full day will go by and all you did was stare at her. You question everything, "am I doing this right" "is she too cold" "is she to hot" "should we do this instead of that" There is a constant state of worry. Yet, when she sees you walk into a room and her eyes light up and a huge smile appears on her face all those question take a back burner and you melt. She has you, she has you wrapped around her finger. There is no turning back now; hubby and I are eternally smitten by her.

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