Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

I never really celebrated Valentines Day. Well, that's not true.. my mom ALWAYS celebrates and every February 14th I would wake up and find a Valentines gift from her. Usually a basket filled with sweets, maybe a cd and for some reason funny underwear & socks.

I guess I should say I never really celebrated Valentines day with someone other then my Mom. Kind of like St. Patrick's day...seems silly to venture out with all the people and try to force romance on the same day EVERYONE else is too. Hubby and I exchange cards, eat dinner at home and call each other Valentine, that's the extant of the day for us.

But now there is Jules in the picture. And it got me thinking, I am Jules Valentine just like my Mom was to me. I want to make Jules feels as special as I feel when my Mom celebrated me. Yes, she is only 12 weeks old but that doesn't mean we can't start our traditions now.

Juliette is the true definition love. She will be forever and always my Valentine. xoxo

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