Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Half Way Point.

We made it to the half way point, well, a couple days after the half way point. There is a nice round bump to prove it. I officially only wear maternity clothes now and thanks to my Mom's visit I have a couple new shirts to prance around in. My Mom also held a bra intervention with me at Pea in the Pod and I now sport the best new bra ever!! Seriously, did you know Spanx makes bras? Either did I. Well, the one I have is super comfy and as my Mom put it "contains" the situation I have growing on my chest. I had no idea I had moved up the ladder of letters on the bra scale but I am happy to report I didn't freak out to bad releasing I was now a D... besides D stands for 'damn good' =)

Speaking of my Mom we had such a great visit while she was in town. She is such an amazing Mom and I am so lucky to be able to share this experience with her.
I feel she is the third person in this infertility mess we went through. She was always the first person to get the sobbing phone call when procedures didn't work. I look back now and that was a lot of baggage she took on. Never once complaining about being my sounding board and always being available to me. She took on so much emotional stress for me and I am so grateful for her support. So having her here to decorate the nursery and be here for the big ultrasound seemed VERY fitting. Thank you Mom from the bottom of my heart!

While my Mom was here we had the big ultrasound! It was fantastic! We had to schedule the appointment for 7:15am so hubby could get to work. Needless to say I was up at 4:30am just way to excited to sleep! Here are some snap shots:

The ultrasound tech said the baby looked great and everything was working the right way. We were able to see everything BUT the gender. Hubby really wants to have the big surprise although I am not the biggest fan of this idea I understand where he is coming from and respect that. I also look at this way, he went through so much during the infertility years and gave me so much to have this baby I think not knowing the gender is the least I could do. We did get some news from the ultrasound which I have been trying to process the past couple of days. It appears our baby is in the 97% range in weight and height!! Even though I lost weight during the first and part of the second trimester the baby was still able to grow and grow. Genetics is the factor here. Hubby and I are tall and both were very large babies. Me @ 9lbs 3oz and hubby clocking in at healthy 10 pounds! The baby growth even bumped us up a week. I was 19 weeks but the ultrasound tech that the baby's growth was at 20 weeks. We will see if this makes my amazing doctor move up the due date. *crossing fingers* it will! I wish we could of stayed at the ultrasound appointment all day. While watching the screen a certain song kept playing in my head. The chorus mostly: "wild horses, couldn't drag me away and wild horses couldn't drag me away" *song below*

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