Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sleepiness, hairy tummy and veins.. Oh My!

I will try to write this blog without falling asleep on the keyboard. So far at any moment I seem to be able to fall into a deep sleep no matter where I am and regardless of time. 12 hours of sleep the night before, doesn't matter - sleepy is a way of life now. I have a strict bedtime of 8pm. I will start to yawn around 7pm and will lay my head down right at 8. There is no tossing or turning, no reading in bed or tv. I am in a coma at 8. If you need me, I will be up in 12 hours!

I would also like to know why in the world I have started to grow peach like fuzz all over my belly? Is the baby cold? I have more hair on my stomach then my husband has on his chest, and as funny as that sounds, it's a true story! Summer is around the corner, thank goodness I wasn't planning on wearing a two piece. I would have to shave or wax this ever growing bump. Would it just grow in darker like leg hair if you shaved it? In another 4 months will I look like the bride of BigFoot? Count my blessings that at least the hair is growing on my tummy and not my chin. There is a bright side to this...right?

I can't seem to find the bright side to my new National Geographic chest. Not only are they so sore that certain fabrics just aren't working for me but what's up with the veins? I have one vein that starts at my ear and crosses the neck into the cleavage. I look like an extra to a vampire movie. I guess it's fitting since we live in Seattle, it's where all the Twilight movies are filmed. I am vampire bait.

Another oddity.. I've lost weight! We are 3 months into this journey and I am down 5lbs. Get pregnant, lose weight. It's a diet miracle. If I only had this sever distaste for food back in my early 20s. The tummy still grows out but the scale goes down.

But here's the thing, I would take all these body changes and more. I get so mad at friends of mine who complain about what pregnancy did to their bodies. Do they not realize that I would of traded them all the morning sickness, fat asses and swollen ankles to be in their position. Their position to complain. I don't feel like I am complaining about whats happening to my body. I find great humor and pride in it. Knowing I am tired means the baby is growing, the veiny boobs means soon they will have propose and as far as tummy hair, that's just funny.

Ya, your jeans may never fit the same way or ass may never look good again. But, your arms will always have someone to hold. And I would take a fat ass for that.

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