Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting To Know You

If you were to peek inside my head you see a movie musical. Everyday a word or a phrase will have my memory bank search for a song in a musical and off I go either singing in my head or usually singing out loud. My family and friends will testify to this. It's strange but I am just wired this way.

So while Jules was sleeping in my arms I started thinking... I am really getting good at reading her cues. I think I may have some sort of grip on her personality. Which then triggered the musical 'The King and I' and the song Getting to Know You. Music below:

There are certain things that Jules must have:

*She must be asleep by 8pm or Rosemary's baby comes out.

*After sleeping for 11 hours she must eat IMMEDIATELY, do not pass go, don't collect $200 get that girl a bottle. Don't even think about changing her diaper first, she wants food!

*Jules will need a nap one hour after waking up. Doesn't matter if she woke at 6am or 7am, one hour from the moment she woke up, she needs to nap

*She wants to cuddle. She wants to curl up on my chest and hold my hand.

*If your holding her, she wants eye contact. She loves to 'talk' and have someone talk back to her.

*She loves to go on car rides, but the car must be moving at all times. She has no patience for stop lights or traffic.

*She doesn't have a full laugh yet, but smiles at almost everything

*Her favorite toy is Monkey. Monkey must know all her secrets cause she is always talking to him.

*Jules is very easy going, rarely cries, independent (meaning she likes to hang out by herself in her crib, looking and talking to her toys)

*Jules is easy going because she likes the house to be calm and peaceful. She doesn't like people to hold her that are high strung or nervous. She's zen. =)

*She is at her happiest when both Mommy and Daddy are home and we are all just hanging out.

I love getting to know her more everyday, because everyday she shows me something new. It is amazing that at only 3 months she has such a personality. I hope she stays this sweet into her teen years! hahaha

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